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ViniyogIndiağŸ¦ŽChameleon offers a blended multifactor portfolio of stocks. Factor performance is cyclical. Consequently, single factor portfolios can underperform market benchmarks in the medium term. ViniyogIndiağŸ¦ŽChameleon Portfolio addresses this problem by continuously realigning portfolio exposure towards the best performing factors.

This Portfolio is suitable for Aggressive Investors to Moderately Aggressive Investors. Subscriptions entitles clients to access to the initial portfolio as well as subsequent changes for a period of 6 months.



  • Portfolio of approximately 20 stocks and ETFs selected from the NSE universe.
  • Stocks are ranked by factor exposures; the top 20 stocks with highest exposure to the best performing factor blend are chosen.
  • Liquidity filter to remove low volume | turnover stocks.
  • Rebalanced quarterly to keep the portfolio churn low.


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