About Us

ViniyogIndia.com offers Equity Research, Investment Advisory and Financial Planning services.

Investment philosophy is multidimensional, with portfolio holdings comprising of value, growth, momentum, turnaround and special situation ideas. Focus is on capital preservation and long term wealth creation. As a principle, adviser invests own capital in many ideas that are recommended. By doing so, it is ensured that advisor’s interests are fully aligned with clients, and that no stones are left unturned while analysing prospective investments.

Paid services are available in the form of online subscriptions. Subscribers can view their reports anytime by logging in to the portal using desktop, tab or smart phones. For more information, please visit Services page.

Research & Advisory services offered through this platform are supported by B. Sinha Ray Research & Advisory, SEBI Advisor registration # INA300008614.

As Fee Only Advisor, we act as fiduciary to client and are ethically bound to act in the best interest of the client.

Why Sign-up

  • Advice provided by SEBI registered investment advisor
  • Fee Only Advisor, offering unbiased advice
  • Personalised offering based on investor risk profiling
  • Relatively less expensive than traditional mutual funds
  • Investment opportunities are broader than those covered by mutual funds due to smaller AUM
  • Services offering is more broad spectrum than Mutual Funds or similar products
  • Interests are aligned with clients as adviser invests own capital in most of the recommendations
  • No 3rd party commissions apart from advisory fees from clients, hence no incentive to recommend unattractive ideas just for commission
  • Check FAQ page for more