Risk Profile Calculator

The Risk Profile Calculator helps understand your risk appetite and recommends the most suited portfolio. Find out if you are a Conservative, Moderate or Aggressive risk taker by answering a few simple questions.

How does the Risk Analyzer work

The Risk Analyzer assesses investor risk profile using a specially designed questionnaire. Each response has predefined scores. The total is calculated by adding up scores from individual questions which is then mapped to permissible ranges for different risk profiles.

There is no universal right or wrong answer. The right answer for you is the most honest response which makes you feel comfortable.

How to use the Risk Analyzer

Understanding your risk appetite is critical for achieving success in investing. Returns from equity investments are subject to varying levels of volatility depending on portfolio constitution. If you are a conservative risk taker, then investing in an aggressively managed equity portfolio having high risk-reward characteristics may be counterproductive. You might have difficulty stomaching the portfolio volatility and exit at the wrong time leading to loss or lower returns.

This interactive tool helps you judge your investment risk profile (risk-taking ability and capacity) and recommends the most suited portfolio based on the results.

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