Financial Goal Planner

The Financial Goal planner tool helps investor to plan and invest in any Financial Goal in an objective & systematic manner.

How does the Financial Goal Planner work?

The Financial Goal planner works in 2 steps. First, it identifies a suitable investment portfolio for the investor based on his/her profiled risk appetite. Risk assessment is done by analyzing investor response to the profiling quiz.
Once the portfolio has been identified, the real rate of investment return is forecasted using historical values of portfolio returns adjusted with inflation rate. This discounted rate of return is then used to estimate the monthly contribution needed to achieve the Financial Goal.

How to plan your Financial Goal using this tool?

The Financial Goal Planner utility can be used to plan and execute any Financial Goal. One way to do this is to have separate accounts or portfolios towards different Financial Goals & manage your monthly contributions through SIPs following the recommendations generated by the tool.

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