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  6. Reports will be published online and subscribers will be notified by email. Subscribers can read the reports online by logging in to the website and visiting the member dashboard section, using personal computers, tablets or smart phones. No physical delivery of reports will be made.
  7. Cancellations can be made by either party anytime. Clients can cancel their subscription if they are not satisfied with the quality of research. For the benefits of the clients, it is strongly recommended that they review Free sample reports, as well as go through the free content available in the website to assess the quality, methods, etc. before subscribing. Advisor also has the discretion to terminate subscription of a client, if the expectations of the client are found to be different from what this platform can offer or if they are found to violate stated terms & conditions of the website. In case of an early cancellation/termination for reasons other than violation of terms & conditions, part of the subscription fee may be refunded on pro-rata basis, based on number of reports received vs committed, before issue was registered in writing, minus taxes. For example, assuming subscription fee of Rs 100 for 10 reports, including 10 rupees tax, if the issue was registered after receiving 5 reports, then 45 rupees will be refunded. (100 – 10 (tax) = 90, divided by 10 reports = 90/10 = 9 per report, so 9×5 = 45 rupees will be refunded for the 5 reports not delivered). For any terminations arising due to violation of terms & conditions on part of the client however, no refund will be possible. All cancellation requests must be made in writing to care@viniyogindia.com from client’s registered email-id.
  8. All disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Kolkata.