You are currently viewing 2021: another exciting year for the markets

2021: another exciting year for the markets

It’s curtains for another fantastic year for the markets!

The Nifty50 benchmark gained by 24% for the year. All our portfolios performed extremely well beating the benchmark indices by a decent margin.

As mentioned in my 2020 end-of-year note, we launched our smallcase offerings in 2021. I am very pleased to inform you that since launch in Feb-Mar 2021, all three of our smallcases have performed very well. In particular, the ViniyogIndia 🚀 Momentum portfolio gained 89% in less than 11 months, ranking amongst the top-performers for the year.

Going forward in 2022, we expect to rationalize our portfolio offerings.
This would mean: (1) Making our offerings more consistent across various advisory platforms, (2) Moving towards a fully Quantitative approach, and (3) Introducing new portfolios, particularly those more suited to choppy markets.

The year 2022 is beginning with a lot of uncertainty.
Omicron cases are surging across US and Europe, and the case counts in India are once again on the rise. It’s important that you take the necessary precautions and stay safe.

Here’s wishing you a very happy and prosperous new year! 🍻


2021 Performance Summary

The Fixed Fee plans offered on performed very well for the year beating the benchmarks by a decent margin.
Nifty 50
Nifty 500
* Un-audited numbers. All figures exclude dividends.

Performance of the smallcases

ViniyogIndia smallcases were launched in Feb-Mar 2021 with 3 portfolios offering Asset Based plans. As they are yet to complete one full year, ITD data is provided.

ViniyogIndia 🚀 Momentum

The Momentum smallcase was started in February 2021. In less than 11 months, this portfolio has gained by 88.8% & it currently ranks amongst the top 10 smallcases by 1-month, 6-months & yearly performance.

ViniyogIndia 🦺 Conservative

Started in March 2021, the conservative smallcase invests 30%-60% in non-equity assets (mainly G-Sec & Gold ETF). Despite the low risk approach, this portfolio gained by 49.55% in less than 10 months beating the major all equity indices.

ViniyogIndia 🏃‍♀️ Multifactor

Also started in March 2021, the multifactor smallcase controls factor exposure based on market regime forecasts. This portfolio gained by 46.85% in less than 10 months beating the corresponding equity benchmark.

Also, the both Conservative & Multifactor smallcases have been the best performing premium smallcases in December in the Medium Volatility category.

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