Basic Financial Planner

The Financial Planner service helps investors to manage the critical financial parameters and make investment decisions in an unbiased manner using automated self-service tools.

How does the Financial Planner service work?

Time needed: 3 minutes.

The Financial Planner is a self-help tool that assists investors manage the key financial parameters and make the right investment decisions and in an unbiased manner. It works on the basis of the following simple steps:

  1. Create Investor Profile

    Enter basic investor details like, Name, Age, Spouse details, etc.

  2. Enter details of investor’s present financial situation

    Include details of income & expenditure, assets & liabilities, insurance covers if any

  3. Take a short behavioral quiz

    Answer a few simple questions to help assess your risk-taking ability

  4. Review the standard assumptions

    The Financial Planner services uses a number assumption to assess investor profile and make recommendation. Review the assumptions and make changes if necessary (although not recommended)

  5. Review the Findings & Recommendations

    Review the findings, including overall financial health, proposed retirement needs, insurance covers, etc.

  6. Take actions

    Finally, take appropriate actions. Invest in the recommended portfolios, or setup a call with advisor, as appropriate

How to use the Robo Advisory service?

ViniyogIndia offers wide range of self-help tools to assist investors make the right investment decisions and manage finances in an unbiased manner while incurring very little cost.

The Robo Advisory tool is designed to make an overall assessment of the investor profile and make recommendations, including preparing a basic financial plan, as well as recommending a suitable investment portfolio. It’s a combination of multiple tools & calculators into one.

However, if you have a question related to a specific financial parameter, it might be quicker and easier to find & use the relevant tool from our Tools & Calculator section.

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