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Steps to calculate your retirement corpus using our calculator

Step 1 – Download the Retirement Calculator

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Step 2  – Calculate your retirement needs with just 2 inputs

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2. Your age
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So, assuming you spend 1Lakh pm today, and you are 40, then you will need to a corpus to ~ 6.34 Cr at 60 when you retire, to support you till 85. This is equivalent to 2.39 Cr at today’s value. Calculations assume inflation of 5% and 7% per annum return on retirement corpus.

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Optional Step – Early Retirement with 3 or 4 inputs!

Optionally, you can also change the retirement age and life expectancy values. For example, you intend to retire early, say at 50, you need to have approx. 5 Cr when you retire, which is equivalent to 3.07 Cr at today’s value.

Here lies an apparent paradox. Above examples show that your corpus should be 6.34Cr if you retire at 60 and 5Cr if you retire at 50. Shouldn’t you need more funds if you intend to retire early?

Of course yes. Remember, the value of the corpus represents money one should have when you retire. To make things easy to relate, we have also indicated how much that comes to at today’s value of money. For above example, you will need 3.07Cr and 2.39 Cr at today’s value, if you wish to retire at 50 and 60 years respectively, at retirement (i.e 10 & 20 years from now).

Remember, retirement corpus is a function of 3 variables: monthly expense, age and inflation adjusted return. Ignoring any one of them makes the estimate meaningless.

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