Stocks have returned 20 times more than Fixed Deposits in the past 37 years

One Lakh invested in Sensex on 1981 is worth 3 Crores today against mere 14 Lacs for Fixed Deposits.

Yet 90% Indians  prefers bank deposits to stocks.

9/10 people unknowingly settled for a portfolio that is less than 5% the size of returns they could potentially have, had they got their investment strategy right.

Long term investing in stocks is the simplest way to create sustainable wealth for retail investors.

Why it is critical to get your investment strategy right early

  • Imagine having a side income by spending less than an hour a month.
  • Imagine your investments returning more money than your regular job as your portfolio grows.
  • Imagine retiring early and pursing your dreams that you always wanted to.
  • Or alternatively, imagine waking up one fine day to realize that your retirement savings in FD & endowments are less than 5% the size of your colleague's, who invested in equities!!!

You need to decide on your options NOW! Because, in long term investing time, and not timing, is of the essence.

And despite the proliferation of Internet & Business News Channels, 76% of Indian’s are not financially literate, while more than 60% do not have a retirement plan.

But how can an advisor help when you receive 10 investment tips daily from your stock brokers, news channels, and other communication medias?

Despite high market returns, investors usually fail to create wealth.

You will be surprised with the following statistics:

Over 20 years’ period ending 2004, average Equity Fund investors in US returned 3% annual gains against 13% for the markets.(2)

More than 80% of day traders lose money in a typical 6 month period, with only 1% succeeding in making predictable profits net of fees.(4)

And with 10 free tips a day, you will end up with 2500 recommendations a year, which is about the size of all the stocks traded in BSE

Being a successful investor requires formal education and discipline which most individual investors lack. This is where an advisor can help.

Introducing! Investment Advisory services from We offer Stock Advisory & Personalized Financial Planning services by SEBI Registered Investment Advisor (s). Discover life changing investment ideas that will help YOU build sustainable wealth over long term by investing in equities.

Why Sign-Up

  • Advice provided by SEBI registered investment advisor (s)
  • Personalized offering based on investor profiling and risk appetite
  • Unique offering combining personalized financial planning with investment advisory
  • Less expensive than traditional mutual funds and similar services despite more features
  • Interests aligned with clients as adviser is invested in most recommendations
  • Unbiased advice, no 3rd party commissions apart from advisory fees

Our Investment Advisory Plans offers much more than stock recommendations.

Risk Profiling

Risk profile assessment of investors using online on-line quiz

Asset Allocation

Personalized Asset Allocation Plan to suit investors risk profile

Equity Research

15+ Stock Recommendations, each supported by detailed research reports


Continuous monitoring of recommendations through periodic reviews & updates

Financial Plans

Comprehensive plans covering Retirement, Life Insurance & Personal Financial Goals


Online reports, accessible over desktops, tabs & smart phone on click of a button

PLUS! Personalized Financial Plans tailored to suit You:

  • Retirement Plan, covering retirement corpus estimation to sustain desired lifestyle, along with estimate of monthly savings required to build it
  • Life Insurance Plan, covering estimation of desired insurance cover that will ensure your loved ones are adequately covered
  • Goal based financial plans aligned with personal goals and milestones

What our subscribers are saying

Goal based planning changed my perspective to investing. I feel much more in control of my financial destiny
Partha Pal
MD, Sysgen Tech
Quality of research is really good!...also appreciate the fact that by advising exactly how much I should invest each month to achieve financial goals, you offer more comprehensive solution than others…
J Dutta
Civil Engineer
  • Provided historical and past reports are good in content quality. – Narendar Sharma. Delhi
  • Good research analysis. Keep it up! – Narayan Chandrani.
  • Very insightful information indeed. Really glad for keeping the service charges bare minimum… -

100% Money Back With FREE Look In Period

FREE Look-in period is 7 days for Financial Plan and 30 days for Stock Advisory service. Customers are entitled to receive 100% refund in case they choose to cancel their subscription within the FREE Look In period.

Note that, personalized reports will be delivered only after expiry of the FREE Look-in window, or only after receiving confirmation from client on non-cancellation.

During the Free Look in period, Stock Advisory customers can access a limited set of Equity Reports, whereas Financial Plan customers can engage with the advisor to understand the process and begin data collection.

3 DAYS ! 24th To 26th January, 2019!! * CODE SPL25 *

Pricing Plans

Offerings are available in the form of vanilla Stock Advisory to a mix of Stock Advisory & Financial Planning service.

  • Combo Plan

  • 14999

  • Risk Profiling
  • Asset Allocation Plan
  • 15 Stocks
    Stock Portfolio
  • Detailed Research Report
  • Quarterly Updates
  • Retirement Plan
  • Life Insurance Plan
  • Goal Based Financial Plan
  • 12 Months Validity
  • Email Notifications
  • Stock Advisory

  • 9999

  • Risk Profiling
  • Asset Allocation Plan
  • 15 Stocks
    Stock Portfolio
  • Detailed Research Report
  • Quarterly Updates
  • Retirement Plan
  • Life Insurance Plan
  • Goal Based Financial Plan
  • 12 Months Validity
  • Email Notifications
  • Stock Starter

  • 4999

  • Risk Profiling
  • Asset Allocation Plan
  • 8 Stocks
    Stock Portfolio
  • Detailed Research Report
  • Quarterly Updates
  • Retirement Plan
  • Life Insurance Plan
  • Goal Based Financial Plan
  • 12 Months Validity
  • Email Notifications

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In Stock Advisory service subscribers receive 15 recommendations per year, each supported by detailed research report.

Assuming 10 pages of report per stock on average, you will receive 150-200 pages of research report prepared by SEBI registered advisor.

In case 1 year returns from our stock portfolio fail to beat the hurdle rate of 3.5% – we don’t charge you for our service.

This service offers Personalized & Comprehensive financial plans, covering Retirement, Life Insurance, and other financial goals, such as child’s education, house purchase, etc.

We follow a 5 step process for delivering personalized & comprehensive financial plans to our clients

  1. Estimation of retirement corpus to sustain your current (or desired) life-style at the time of retirement.
  2. Monthly savings required to build the desired corpus.
  3. Year by year estimate of expected corpus size, both before and after retirement, for continuous tracking and remedial measures in case of deviation

Refer to example plan, sections 5, 7, 8.

  1. Estimated life cover required for your beneficiaries to sustain lifestyle in the unfortunate event of your demise
  2. Indicative premium and product recommendations to achieve the desired cover

Refer to example plan, sections 9, 10.

This plan is a combination of Stock Advisory and Comprehensive Financial planning service.
Comprehensive financial plan offers goal based planning for upto 6 financial goals, including retirement and life insurance goals.

In cases where more than 6 financial goals have to be supported, a small additional charge may apply on a case by case basis, depending on the number and complexity of the financial goals.

Refer to example plan.

Immediately after subscription, you will receive an email from us with a link to furnish certain financial details and participate in a short behavioural quiz that will be used for risk profiling & subsequent planning. Based on your response, you will receive your Personalized Reports based on your chosen plan.

Upon successful payment you will also receive access to your personalised dashboard immediately. You need to select the relevant subscription plan from the dashboard by clicking ‘Enter’. This will take you to the ‘List of Reports’ page for the selected plan.

On the List of Reports page, you will find a list of stocks supported by detailed research report that you can review for investment.

2nd month onwards, you will start receiving new stock reports about once every month, till the maximum number of reports based on your chosen plan is reached. While we would prefer to maintain a defined level of periodicity in publishing the reports, this may not be always feasible due to market conditions. If such a situation arise, your membership will be automatically extended until all the reports committed for your plan are delivered.

Investment objective is to beat market returns over long term. Therefore, stock advisory service will be suitable for long term investors only.

Each report will contain a detailed analysis of the company’s business and investment rationale. You can choose to invest once you are convinced with our arguments. Representative reports can be found here.

Companies identified in this section are those that are expected to grow at 20-25% over next 2-3 years, unless otherwise stated. It is also expected that the stocks of these companies are available at reasonable valuation, so that their market capitalisation follow the earning trajectory under normal market conditions. Assuming a normal market, therefore, some of these stocks can potentially double in 2-3years or so.

Please do NOT subscribe if you:

  1. Are looking for intraday ideas, short-term trades, technical analysis and frequent stock tips
  2. Trade in derivatives segment, stock futures & options
  3. Want to make a quick buck, double/triple money in few months

The only difference is in the number of stock reports subscriber receives. In Stock Starter plan subscriber will receive 8 stocks in 12 months, while in Stock Advisory plan she will receive 15 stock reports.

Please refer to cancellation policy under Terms & Conditions.

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