All-in-one Advisory


All benefits of Long Term and Short Term offerings, plus Personalized Investment Advisory.

Short Term Stocks

Portfolio of 10-15 stocks that has potential to beat market returns in the medium term. Typical holding period 2-3 months, with stocks replaced and rebalanced quarterly. Based on Quant Factor Models.
– 10-15 stocks / quarter
– 2-3 month holding
– Quant Factor Models
– Exit calls, Periodic updates & Online access

Long Term Stocks (Potential Multibaggers)
A long-term portfolio of 15 high-quality businesses that can create wealth in the long-term. Typical holding period – 1 year or more. Detailed research reports supporting each recommendation.
– 15 stocks / year
– 1 year + holding
– Detailed research reports
– Exit calls, Periodic updates & Online access




Long Term Stocks

Offers 15 recommendations per year, each supported by detailed research report. Assuming 10 pages of report per stock on average, subscribers will receive 150 pages of research report prepared by SEBI registered advisor.

Short Term Stock

Recommendations based on well researched multi- factor models, that exploit known anomalies to efficient market theory.

Removes behavioral biases by taking a disciplined, rule-based quantitative approach to investing.

Strategies tested exclusively for the Indian markets against large volume of data, (at least 10-15 years of past data depending on the strategy), thereby increasing predictability

Past Performance*

For the 12 months ending 31st March 2021, Short Term & Long Term portfolios gained by 167% & 106% respectively, compared to 71% for Nifty 50 & 76% for Nifty 500 Index.

*Past performance does not guarantee future results. 3 year data includes back-tested results.

Quarterly performance

Performance data for last 4 quarters are available at the following link:

Last 4 quarter performance

Past 10 year performance for Short-Term strategy (backtested)

Free Basic Financial Plan

Subscribers will be eligible to receive Free basic Financial Plan along with the subscription. This will cover:

  • Asset Allocation Plan, based on Risk Profiling
  • Retirement Plan
  • Life Insurance Plan


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